Your Civil Rights Are Protected in Many Ways in Jacksonville

Your Civil Rights Are Protected in Many Ways in Jacksonville

Over the years, Congress has passed several laws to protect the civil rights of all Americans.  For example, the Americans with Disabilities Act that makes discrimination based on disability illegal. The ADA provides federal protection for disabled people in employment, public services, and public accommodations. The Fair Housing Act makes it illegal to discriminate against someone seeking housing based on their race, religion, sex, sexual preference or nation of origin.  If you are disabled either physically or mentally, then you cannot be discriminated against when you want to fly commercially due to provisions in the Air Carrier Access Act. Most forms of discrimination are covered under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

In short, discrimination or violence of any kind against a particular class of people is wrong and more than likely illegal.  If you are the victim of discrimination and your civil rights have been violated, you should retain the services of a highly-rated civil rights attorney to protect your interests and seek damages if you have been wronged. 

A Highly-Rated Attorney Will Protect Your Civil Rights

Enforcement of all civil rights laws passed by Congress are governed by several federal agencies, but there are definitive complaint processes in place that must be followed to ensure your rights are protected and restored. 

Your attorney will understand these laws and your corresponding rights and will be able to represent you in a court a law effectively. 

In addition to federal laws, the Florida Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination in employment based on race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, national origin, age, handicap, or marital status.  However, it does not provide for sexual orientation.

You Are Entitled to Your Civil Rights. Contact Us Today If You Are the Victim of Discrimination or Illegal Practices

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