When You Need a Jacksonville Child Custody Attorney to Fight for Your Parental Rights

When You Need a Jacksonville Child Custody Attorney to Fight for Your Parental Rights

In an amicable Jacksonville divorce, both parents are involved in raising their children and are able to come to an agreement about which parent will have primary custodial rights and which one will be assigned visitation rights. However, in a divorce, custody of children is often one of the most emotionally charged issues that needs to be settled between a couple, and despite best efforts, decisions that impact the welfare of the children are decided by the court. 

To make sure that your parental rights are protected, it’s essential to retain the services of an experienced family law attorney who will make sure you are fairly treated when it comes to deciding custody issues.

There are Many Factors That Go into a Child Custody Decision

When a judge must step in and make a decision, he or she will consider many factors as part of the process but the overarching decision will always be to consider the best interests of the child above all else. A judge will also investigate to see if there are any negative influences in a home where the child might live. This can include the presence of drug or alcohol abuse or other illegal activities. 

The court will take into account how the child currently lives and how involved they are in social, extra-curricular, and religious activities where they are currently living. If the child is older, then the judge will also be mindful of what the child’s wishes are and which parent they want to live with. Day-to-day parenting activities are also on the table as well. A parent must be able to demonstrate they will be able to care for a child attentively as part of an overall custody arrangement. It is up to an attorney to attempt to frame each of these issues in a positive way when representing a client. 

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