An Insightful Guide to Slip and Fall Injuries

An Insightful Guide to Slip and Fall Injuries

What Causes a Slip and Fall?

Although it may seem like an obvious question, it is an important one to consider when looking at your own slip and fall case. When deciding to pursue a lawsuit, it is crucial to understand the environment surrounding your incident so that you and your slip and fall injuries attorney will know how to best approach the lawsuit. So – what caused you to slip and fall? Did you slip on a puddle or some sort of mess on the floor? Was there a wet floor sign posted near the place you fell? If there was, did you see the sign before you fell? What kind of shoes were you wearing? These questions will help you paint a picture of what had happened as well as help you explain to your lawyer the circumstances that led to your slip and fall. If you do not have all the answers, it can also help to see if there is a videotape or witnesses that can shed further light on what happened. The more you know, the more a slip and fall injuries attorney will be able to determine if and who is responsible for your injuries in St. John’s County.

What You Need to Do Immediately After The Accident

After the accident has occurred, it is important to get the contact information of people who had witnessed the accident. Like any other type of crime that has occurred, your case can be strengthened by the testimony of an unbiased observer, especially when there is no other evidence that can provide more clarity in your case. Also, it is important to take pictures of your surroundings as well as the place where you slipped. Was there a puddle of water on the floor where you slipped. Was there an uncovered electrical wire that you slipped/tripped on? Sometimes the pictures can provide a way for courts to see themselves how safe the premise was before the accident. Especially if it was a more permanent item, such as a bar sticking out of the ground, that caused your fall; it is important to take a picture of the item as soon as it happens because the property owner will take the initiative and fix the spot before you can come back to gather more evidence. Also, with a slip and fall injuries attorney in St. John’s County at your side, you can obtain any video evidence that the premises may have so it can show every moment before or after your fall. In providing these details surrounding your incident to your attorney, you and your attorney can strategize the best case so you can get compensated for the injuries you have suffered.

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