How a Power of Attorney Helps You Prepare for Emergency in Jacksonville, Florida

How a Power of Attorney Helps You Prepare for Emergency in Jacksonville, Florida

When you take the time to decide on a power of attorney, you’re making sure that any decisions regarding health or finances are handled in case of an emergency. Two of the most common issues relating to a durable power of attorney are with financial decisions or healthcare decisions. A Jacksonville Florida power of attorney lawyer can help you to draft these important legal documents while ensuring they follow every aspect of the law.

How a Power of Attorney Can Help You and Your Family

A financial power of attorney in Florida is a legal document that grants your chosen representative the legal ability to act on your behalf. The official that is given to them will depend on where you live. In Florida, it is known as a principal. The power of attorney document must be signed, witnessed, and notarized by the person being designated this title. This usually is done with divorce, if death occurs, or revocation.

Healthcare Power of Attorney

With this type of power of attorney in Jacksonville, the person makes medical decisions for you in case of an emergency. This person must be 18 years or older and competent to create a document and to understand what it entails. With the help of a Jacksonville power of attorney lawyer, you can create this legal document quickly and effectively. At Finnell, McGuinness, Nezami & Andux P.A., we can answer any questions you may have about this process. To schedule a free legal consultation with one of our attorneys today to discuss a power of attorney or other estate planning documents, call our law office at 904-791-1101.

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