Hire Legal Help in Jacksonville, Florida For Wills & Trusts

Hire Legal Help in Jacksonville, Florida For Wills & Trusts

Taking the time to prepare a proper estate plan with a will or a living trust is an important thing to do for your family in Jacksonville, Florida. Professional probate lawyers from Finnell, McGuinness, Nezami & Andux P.A. can help families like yours to make all the important decisions for your family before tragedy strikes. We have years of experience with this matter and can help guide you on which estate plan would work best for your financial situation and most importantly, your family.

Wills Versus Trusts in Florida

One main difference between the two is that one goes into effect after someone dies and the other does after it was created (in a trust). A will is a document that directs who will receive property after your death. It can also appoint a legal representative to carry out your wishes dictated in the will. A trust, however, is a legal arrangement through which a person or institution (known as the trustee) holds the legal title to property for someone else (a beneficiary). A trust has two different beneficiary types, one that receives income from the trust, and the other that receives whatever is left.

A will covers property that is in the beneficiary’s name when they die. It doesn’t cover anything in a trust, however. A will passes through probate court while a trust occurs outside of probate without any need of a court.

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