Hire a Jacksonville Florida Estate Planning Attorney Today

Hire a Jacksonville Florida Estate Planning Attorney Today

Concerning estate planning in Jacksonville, Florida, it’s more than just drafting will documents; it is also about understanding how to distribute assets to someone’s designated beneficiaries. Whether a living will or a document that goes into effect when you pass, one of our probate lawyers in Florida can help you to organize your assets with ease. We fully understand all tax and probate laws in Florida and can protect your legal rights throughout the entire process.

Understanding Probate Law

Probate is known as the legal process of transferring property to other people after someone’s death. This court-supervised process in Florida requires the knowledge of a highly-rated probate lawyer in Florida. Probate of a will shows the court that the person who has died followed all requirements in Florida when creating their will. Probate includes the process of collecting property, paying taxes or debt, and settling any disputes if applicable. After this, distribution or transferring of the property to heirs of beneficiaries occurs.

Call to Speak to a Florida Estate Planning Attorney Today

Whether you want to create a power of attorney, a will or trust or have a question regarding probate law in Jacksonville, one of our estate planning attorneys from Finnell, McGuinness, Nezami & Andux P.A. can help. We have many years of experience working with families to make sure that their wealth and property is protected if death occurs. An estate planning lawyer in Jacksonville Florida helps you to organize future distribute of your assets. Call us today to speak to a Florida estate planning attorney at 904-791-1101.

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