My Ex is Harming My Children: How to Get Sole Child Custody

My Ex is Harming My Children: How to Get Sole Child Custody

Abusive Marriages and Child Custody Decisions

According to the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence, “105,668 crimes of domestic violence were reported to Florida law enforcement agencies resulting in 63,193 arrests” in 2016 alone. Not only is it surprising that many of these reported crimes did not lead to an arrest, but that the 105,668 crimes of domestic violence most likely only touch the surface of the total amount of those who suffer silently behind closed doors. The abuse that many families suffer from does not always necessarily mean solely physical abuse – sometimes victims suffer verbal/psychological abuse on a daily basis. When an abused spouse decides to file for divorce, they often suffer even greater abuse by their spouse through an increased amount of verbal and even financial abuse. Some spouses will offer to help pay for more if the abused spouse agrees to split custody 50/50. Sometimes, the abused spouse’s attorneys will not have their best interests in mind when in court and won’t bring up the abuse to the attention of the judge when filing for child custody. Since it is assumed that children will want to spend time with their parents equally, courts often rule for joint custody so that the children can live with both parents separately from week to week. Yet, an abuser can begin abusing the children even if they had only abused the spouse in the past. If you have recently learned that your children are being abused, whether hearing it from your child or seeing signs of abuse, you and your children do not have to suffer from the original judge’s determination for child custody in Clay County. With a child custody attorney, you and your children can get the protection that you need.

How to Begin the Process of Changing Child Custody

Proving child abuse can be tricky when you no longer live with your former spouse. Although your ex may be physically abusing the children, it can be difficult to prove that they caused it. In other cases, they can be emotionally abusive which leaves no physically apparent signs of abuse. If you are concerned about your life or the life of your children, do not hesitate to file a temporary restraining order. In this way, for the time being, you and your children can remain safe while collecting the evidence needed to prove that the abuse occurred so that you can get sole child custody. With a child custody attorney in Clay County at your side, you can begin to collect evidence of the abuse you and your children have suffered through text messages, photos, videos, witnesses, and even previous police reports. With such evidence, your child custody attorney can fight for your rights so you and your children can begin a new chapter together safe and protected.

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