Drug Crimes in Jacksonville: What Is Now on The Line If You Are Convicted

Drug Crimes in Jacksonville: What Is Now on The Line If You Are Convicted

Drug Crimes in Florida

Although we may know that a drug crime can include the purchasing and selling of drugs, Florida’s location provides a unique opportunity for drug crimes to flourish. According to the National Drug Intelligence Center, “Florida’s proximity to drug-producing and transshipment countries and its well-developed transportation infrastructure make it an ideal gateway for the movement of both licit and illicit goods into and through the United States.” In other words, Florida’s location allows different types of sea vessels to dock without detection on US soil making Florida a state where drug trafficking is rampant. And, of course, the more drugs brought into Florida, the more drug crime is being committed, crimes such as possession and drug dealing which causes a higher amount of drug-related incarcerations. In fact, the National Drug Intelligence Center also states that “the percentage of drug-related federal sentences in Florida is higher than the percentage nationwide.” With this, Jacksonville courts have an incentive to discourage drug crimes from affecting the state – which in recent years has caused the proposal of harsher sentences for drug crime convictions.

Tamas Harris Jr. and Shifting Policy in Florida

Who is Tamas Harris Jr? Well, according to WFTV9, he is an alleged drug dealer that has been charged with murder for selling heroin laced with opiate fentanyl. Florida Governor Rick Scott has recently signed a law that states that selling a lethal dose of fentanyl, whether the drug dealer is aware that their supply is laced with it or not, is considered first-degree murder. A charge like this could mean if convicted, that Tamas Harris Jr. must face the death penalty at 18 years old. This is one of a number of cases of fentanyl overdoses that have been on the rise in Florida – leading to these new laws that hope to lessen drug crimes as well as deaths. From the perspective of one accused of a drug crime, the court’s ruling on their case could mean the literal difference between life and death. Do not wait to seek the help of a drug crime attorney in Jacksonville. With a skilled drug crime attorney at your side, you can get the legal representation who will fight for you and your rights against these allegations.

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