Discrimination is Not Always Obvious

Discrimination is Not Always Obvious

Civil rights violations are breaches of the US constitution and the bill of rights. Americans have a basic right to be free from discriminatory treatment based on several protected characteristics in settings such as housing and employment. It is illegal to discriminate against a person based on their race, gender, religion, age, disability, etc. Florida has a diverse population and cities such as Jacksonville take civil rights violations very seriously.

Some civil rights infringements are of course unfair, but cause more of an inconvenience than harm.
Most, however, can significantly affect a person’s economic, social and personal well-being. Discriminatory actions by the police should be recorded, evidence gathered and action taken against those who acted in a discriminatory manner. It could be an unnecessary use of a Taser or a stun gun, handcuffs, firearms or any other overreactions by overzealous cops including profiling and unlawful search and seizures, among many others.

Laws at every level of the government are put in place to counter civil rights violations that may take place in their jurisdiction. Individuals have rights and irrelevant of their social or financial standing, they do not have to be subject to false arrests, excessive force, police brutality, malicious prosecution and violations of their due process.

The private sector has its share of violating people’s civil rights as well. Not hiring a qualified applicant because of their gender or sexual orientation is common. Charging higher rates, denying loan applications and offering lower quality products to potential customers based on their race is unfortunately also an issue that has been fought for far too long.

The legislation is a constantly changing machine, so to maintain civil rights/human rights/freedoms for the people that fall under its jurisdiction, the population must challenge the violations as they occur. Complacency in this matter may potentially increase the mistreatment of members of the general public.

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