Being Charged with Child Pornography in Jacksonville Carries Significant Legal and Social Challenges

Being Charged with Child Pornography in Jacksonville Carries Significant Legal and Social Challenges

There are serious criminal and social implications associated with child pornography charges in Jacksonville. Just being accused of this kind of crime can bring legal challenges that must be addressed immediately and aggressively by retaining an experienced attorney. Child pornography charges can be filed at both the state and the federal level, depending on the nature of the accusation. In addition to child pornography, sex crimes charged at the federal level include human trafficking, aggravating sexual abuse or rape, those who are repeat sex crime offenders as well as a convicted offender failing to register in a national database.

Representing a client in a federal court is a considerably more difficult task that requires a different set of legal strategies than those employed on the state level. Federal authorities have many more resources to employ in seeking a conviction which could result in a lengthy prison sentence.

Many Types of Child Pornography Activities Are Illegal

Several forms of pornography are protected by free speech laws in the United States, but there are also many laws on the books that make certain types of activities related to pornography illegal. This is especially true with child pornography which is not protected under First Amendment rights.  Strict federal laws dictate that possessing, creating, importing, distributing or intending to distribute child pornography are illegal.  Depending on the nature of the crime, a defendant could face up to 20 years in prison upon conviction. Of all of these, distribution carries the harshest of all penalties. 

There are defenses to various child pornography charges, but the key is to act fast if you believe you are being targeted for charges so that you and your attorney can mount an aggressive defense on your behalf. 

Seek Our Assistance Immediately If You Have Been Charged with a Child Pornography Crime

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