Adultery and Divorce: What a Family Lawyer Can Do for You

Adultery and Divorce: What a Family Lawyer Can Do for You

Adultery Laws in Florida

The sting of adultery is a sharp pain that can have a lasting effect on your wellbeing. Such a betrayal can cause anger, frustration, and perhaps even anxiety for what will become of the future now that you and your former spouse are filing for divorce in Jacksonville. You may feel that the betrayal, which led to the divorce, should allow you to receive additional compensation of some kind. It was their actions that led to the divorce, right? However, Florida is a no-fault state. This means that you are not required to prove what your spouse did wrong in order to file for a divorce, nor do you have the right to receive compensation for the emotional distress that the adultery has caused you and your family. Yet, this does not mean that the role of adultery laws cannot potentially influence the divorce on a financial level. With the expertise of a family lawyer, not only will you be able to start anew after the divorce but you will be appropriately compensated by your unfaithful former spouse.

How Adultery Laws Factor into Your Divorce

When it comes to adultery laws and divorce, there is only one way that it can result in your compensation, which is why it crucial to consult with a family lawyer before you ask for compensation. One question you can ask is, did your former spouse use marital funds to fund their behavior? An example of this is if one spouse used marital funds to pay for a vacation for themselves and their “partner.” Another example is if one spouse buys expensive gifts or even financially supports their partner using marital funds. With this, your family lawyer can argue that the overall worth of the marital estate has been diminished because the other spouse has used these funds inappropriately. The courts will then take this into consideration and potentially give you a greater amount in the division of assets. Of course, with a family lawyer in Jacksonville, you both can look at your individual case to best assess all the potential options you have. In using their years of experience in divorce courts as well as their extensive knowledge of adultery laws and divorce laws, a family lawyer can get you compensated so that you can move on with your life.

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